«The less is more.»
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


Minimalistic. That’s our philosophy becase we believe that the less is more.


That’s why:


We wont add unnecessary attributes to Your advertising campaign, convincing you that plenty of everything is better

We won’t prepare a marketing strategy, persuading you that everywhere, towards everyone is better.

We won’t hide Your event in your branding, convincing you that the more – the better.


What we will do is:


  • Listen to you
  • Hear what’s Your goal and Your desire
  • We will put up the conception for Your campaign/event.


  Together we will specify the components

We will take care for the details

You are staying our partner



Brandea Bulgaria is an advertisement service and branding agency.

We can co-operate with creative decisions for creating and promoting your products and services.

For more details write to our office (at) brandea-bulgaria.com